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There are tons of providers out there and many of theese are doing shady business or run a pyramid scam with your money, are you looking for buying or starting your own casino & sportsbook? - learn wich you should stay away from and who to go with.

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Find the most reliable and verified partners through BlacklistCasinos.


A common issue is people paying for services or white label setups to unknown "companies" and looses all their money instead.

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Once finding the best and most reliable service you can roll out your new business or partnership safe and secure.

Multi million dollar industry

We highlight the less trustworthy igame advisors, shady operators and online casinos with one thing in common - looting you on money, one way or the other.

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A common risk is setting up a white label casino with an unknown provider, Read our reviews and look at the blacklist in order to choose a secure provider.

Verified operators

Read about the verified operators and learn a bit more of the possibilities of a collaboration.

Contract & agreement

Learn to look out of shady agreements that will only benefit the operator / advisor you are dealing with.


The most important thing, what will happen if the provider suddenly dissapears or stop giving you service after payment?

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